Neighborhood New York CBS anchor suspended in the wake of showing up in chaos, slurring words on air

CBS6 Albany anchor Heather Kovar was suspended on Sunday in the wake of showing up on air in confusion and slurring words during her transmission, 

 as per the Times Union, in a media story that became a web sensation.

Kovar started her transmission by taking note of a gas blast at a plant in Medford, Oklahoma. 

She slurred as she said departures were requested and that the examination of the blast was going.

"Departures have been requested for the town of Medford, Oklahoma, with obscure fatalities and wounds

Okay, in this way, all things considered, hi! Good evening! Like, I was letting you know earlier today, in the event that you watched us earlier today… 

 I told you, guess what? What a lovely day outside! It is simply astonishing," Kovar said.