Netflix's hit show just dethroned Ozark at #1 

We knew a new Netflix series would come along sooner or later to knock Ozark off Netflix's Top 10 list. The Lincoln Lawyer, based on Michael Connelly's book series, wins. 

As of Monday, May 16, the show, starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as the titular lawyer working from a Lincoln town car, was already Netflix's #1 TV title. This resulted in Ozark falling to #2 as a result. 

Because of Connelly's loyal readership, Netflix picked up book two. Thus, Connelly wanted to give fans something new instead of retelling the Lincoln Lawyer origin story they know and love. 

Connelly said he worked closely with the show's writers' room and thinks it reflects Los Angeles and "where we are today in society."

In addition to strong audience scores, the series also has a 76 percent critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes, as of this writing. 

A USA Today reviewer said, "It's something familiar that's done very well, and Netflix should do more of it." 

There are so many moving parts in the production of a TV show that you need a studio that can provide everything you need to succeed. I'm glad we took it to Netflix.  

"We need heroes, and I'm glad this show is about a man who sacrifices for his family, even at the cost of himself." 

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