North West uses cosmetics to transform Kim Kardashian into a Minion.

Kim Kardashian discarded her trademark nude lip and contour on Sunday in favour of a more vibrant appearance, thanks to North West, her kid.

The 9-year-old applied cosmetics to transform her mum into one of the yellow cartoon characters.

In order to get the desired result, North used four distinct palettes to paint the face of the creator of Skims in a bright yellow colour, add round glasses, and add glittering blue lips.

Even Kardashian, 41, gave the trend her all support by dressing entirely in denim.

The Kardashian and North joint TikTok account, which has seven million followers and is "controlled by an adult," posted the beauty tutorial.

North is a well-known follower of JoJo Siwa, who recently tried out the trend by decorating her full face in yellow, black, and white crystals for extra glitz.

The Kardashians are such ardent fans of the movie series that Kim recently hosted a "Despicable Me"-themed party for her four children.  

The extravagant party was held to commemorate the release of the newest episode of the series,