On Amazon Prime, watch a little déjà vu with the kids in the hall

Everybody, the Kids have returned to the hall! After 27 years, Amazon Prime has revived everyone's favorite Canadian comedy troupe for one more season.  

They've brought their old sense of absurdity with them, as well as the old theme song from Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.

It's good to hear their humor hasn't changed since you last saw The Kids.  

They may seem toothless because they aren't interested in tackling politics or social justice issues, but that was never really their thing.  

We start off the eight-episode season with a sketch about how bad Brain Candy was, and I'm glad we're finally being straightforward.  

In a yard sale, two young women become hypnotized and are compelled to buy a VHS copy of Brain Candy. 

As a result of the sale, the movie finally breaks even, which also breaks "The Brain Candy Curse." 

Now Paul Bellini can dig The Kids out of the grave. The next half-hour is a solid mix of classic callbacks and new characters.

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