Outfielder of the Mets wearing a pair of Prada shades?

Many baseball players follow convention in fashion choices, and probably also some others.  

Baseball players have been wearing nylon necklaces and extraterrestrial sunglasses for decades.

Nowadays, big-money athletes with high profiles can flex on the field by wearing delightfully icy chains.

The fans noticed Canha's mirrored sunglasses during his postgame interview with SNY's Steve Gelbs on Monday 

after the Seattle Mariners beat the Mets 8-7. He confirmed he also wore them.

His wearing the same pair of shoes on April 21 sparked speculation about whether it was bad luck or just Metsiness.

The red mirror lenses on the PS 01XS style resemble baseball's signature wraparound shades.

Joc Pederson demonstrated last year that fashion belongs in the outfield by wearing a pair of sporty performance shade

Every trend setter has to start somewhere, even if it's an innocuous pair of Prada sunglasses.