Paramount CFO Naveen Chopra says 'Yellowstone'-style licensing deals are not in the forecast.

Naveen Chopra, CFO of Paramount Global, says the company has canceled its plan to license Yellowstone 

and other major properties to rival streaming services like Peacock and HBO Max.

“We are no longer licensing big, franchise IP to third parties,” Chopra said during a keynote address 

at the 9th annual Media and Communications Summit at Moffett Nathanson today.  

Chopra said that in the days when Paramount did not have its own streaming service, that was the best way to monetize content. 

“Today, that doesn’t necessarily make sense. We will keep some of those things for our own and operated platform as they arise.”

Chopra didn't mention specific shows when asked if Netflix's heavy viewing of Paramount shows like NCIS 

the company to keep selling off those rights. Following a large licensing deal with NBCUniversal for Yellowstone and a second one with HBO Max  

The same was true of Viacom, which merged with CBS at the end of 2019 to form Paramount Global.