'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Producer Reveals Johnny Depp's Future With Franchise

Margot Robbie is set replace Disney's billion-dollar business by releasing a brand new movie. 

The rum and probably Jack Sparrow will be gone at the time film number two " Pirates of the Caribbean" film will set sail for the cinemas. 

The producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who's steered the series into a multibillion-dollar 

producer with Disney and with Johnny Depp at the helm, recently addressed the actor's fate in his ongoing defamation  

lawsuit of $50 million against his ex-wife Amber Heard. 

When asked if Depp could ever reprise his role of the legendary swashbuckler 

in an interview recently in The Sunday Times, Bruckheimer said, "Not currently.  

The future has yet to be determined." 

"We are developing two 'Pirates' scripts -- one with her, one without."