Pronoun changed by Demi Lovato - adds She / her again  

The “confident” singer using ‘they ‘and 'them’ during the transaction .29 years of Disney star if she helped her understand use of they/ them pronouns 

Lovato said they / them adopted the pronouns of she/her.

.I am a fluid person. My energy was balanced in my feminine .And it said Women and Men I just feel like a human  

Whats about feeling human at your core, said Lovato continuing to use all the four pronouns developed in instagram recently and again adopted she/her again .

She concluded it's just all about respect, especially people learning after confusion online Dhia clarified Lovato’s statement  on Tuesday 

she said the entire clip adding she/her and abandoning they/them for the record Demi Lovato did NOT 

.Lovato announced adopting they/them on her podcast 4d with Demi Lovato in may 2021in instagram captions with photos but i'm still daddy’s girl on april7.