Rebecca Kufrin asked for more "reality" and they briefly split up

Being apart for so short a time brought Becca Kufrin and I back together.

It was necessary for Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin to break up briefly.

During the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise last year, Kufrin discussed how the breakup ultimately helped her and Jacobs.

According to Kufrin, 32, "Everything happens for a reason." "When we were dating on the beach, everything went smoothly.  

It was perfect. But I needed more in life at the time 

It was ultimately through that breakup in the short courtship that brought us back together." 

In the days following their split, Kufrin recalled being "just sobbing" in her hotel room.  

"I thought, 'I have to get his number and see if I can make amends with him,'" she said.

Their relationship ended on the beach, according to Jacobs, 29.