Report: 'Optimism' GP2 can return for Game 1 of NBA Finals 

During the NBA Finals, the Warriors are expected to get back one of their key rotation players.

Gary Payton II is expected to return to the NBA Finals after suffering a fractured elbow during Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals, according to Shams Charania.

Payton may be able to return in time for Game 1 on Thursday, June 2, according to Charania.

Payton was injured on May 3, so it will take him about four weeks to recover.

During the play Payton got injured, he was going up for a dunk when Brooks took a swipe at him midair 

causing him to fall awkwardly to the ground where he landed on his elbow.

In an article published by The Players Tribune last week, Payton stated, "There is no bad blood between me and Dillon." 

The coach asked me to speak outside the locker room after Game 6, and he apologized when I got there. I give Dillon credit for that -- no text, no social media, no indirect communication. We spoke in person and he said he didn't mean to hurt me.