He spent a significant amount of money without discussing it with his wife , fellow actor Blake Lively,this is the reason Ryan Reynolds found himself in a doghouse.

Reynolds’s expenditure was different then the average couple ‘s 45 years old revealed on jimmy kimmel live tuesday he spent $2.75 million on a Welsh soccer team behind his wife.

All couples can learn  a lesson from the A- listers blunder major financial decisions together prior to making them.

Sunny in philadelphia back in february 2021 Reynolds bought Wrexham A.F.C. with Rob Mc Elhenney, actor and creator .

Reynolds did n’t have time to consult his wife before shaking hands with his new business partner.

The bad news is I slipped into someone again,'' Reynolds jokingly told the bad news half of the fifth tier national football league in Wales .

Reynolds said  not well “We ‘re still working through that one “might come as a negative surprise that could hurt the relationship .

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