Robert Sarver for his announced chauvinist, bigot and harmful way of behaving toward subordinates. James, as 

James, in the same way as other previous players and savants, feels that "there is a bad situation for sexism, sexism, and bigotry in any workplace. 

Paul's words might convey so a lot or significantly more weight than James' since he was the head of the Los Angeles Clippers when in 2014. 

This week the association, following a months-in-length examination, affirmed insights concerning Sarver's way  .

behaving that was first broadcasted almost a year prior in a November 2021 ESPN confession. 

Furthermore, there were "sex-related remarks" focused on female representatives, as indicated by the NBA report 

"There's in a real sense nothing you could enlighten me concerning him from a misanthropic or race outlook that would shock me." 

In any case, association agents presumed that there was "no observing that Sarver's direct was spurred by racial or orientation based enmity." 

That is the furthest reaches of a fine permitted by the NBA. Yet, Sarver's total assets are, on the low end, $400 million and, on the very good quality, $850 million, as indicated by reports.