Ryan Reynolds says he 'wanted to die' after giving Denzel Washington 2 black eyes on "Safe House"

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds starred in the 2012 film "Safe House."

During one scene, the actors fight in a moving car on the streets of South Africa. 

When Reynolds accidentally caused Washington two black eyes during filming, he said he "wanted to die."

A decade ago, Ryan Reynolds accidentally gave Denzel Washington two black eyes while filming "Safe House."

David Letterman spoke about the incident in the premiere of his fourth season of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction."

Letterman said that a scene in which the actor hits Washington was being filmed in a car that is out-of-control.  

While racing through the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, Reynolds said the actors did not use stunt drivers.

A scene in the movie shows him crawling into the trunk and chokes me.