Sam Heughan's Instagram Video Has 'Outlander' Fans Double-Taking 

fans love Sam Heughan's sensual cowboy ad for Sassenach Spirits. 

Sam promoted El Tequilero The Sassenach Select Double Wood Reposado before July 24.Men in Kilts host looked frightening while riding a horse and drinking a drink.

Sam posted the video July 19.SassenachSelectSunday bottle?Cheers!

Outlander fans loved his appearance and role in making tequila.One follower asked, "Please."Another said, "I enjoy agave processing."

Another said, "Make a margarita!"Scottish actor has a profitable specialty.

His Sassenach Spirits earned Gold in 2022 and Double Gold in 2021.

Master Medalist Sassenach Select.Sam extended Sassenach Spirits in February.

Forbes asked why he liked tequila."Mexico and Scotland have similar cultures," he said.

Family, storytelling, and celebration.We're proud to be their family." Sam's Outlander and Sassenach drinks are deliberate.