Season 4 episode runtimes are in - and they're long, long

Netflix has released the running times for all nine episodes of Stranger Things' fourth season.

On May 27, Netflix will release the first seven episodes of Stranger Things season four.  

On July 1, the second instalment will be released with two episodes. 

Stranger Things' fourth season was broken in half to begin with, let alone its decision to stop after seven episodes of a nine-episode run - but we now know why.  

Netflix revealed on its official blog, Tudum, that the season's seventh episode, which hasn't been previewed in advance, will run 98 minutes

Season 8's eighth episode is 75 minutes long, or an hour and 25 minutes, and the finale will be over two hours and 45 minutes long. Yikes...

In total, the fourth season of the show will run over 13 hours, despite technically only having nine episodes.  

In comparison, if you watched all of the Mission: Impossible movies in the same amount of time, you would still have 10 minutes for making coffee...

Considering everything we've seen leading up to Stranger Things' return, we shouldn't be surprised by this news.