She gets more screen time in her next film when Amber Heard returns to cinema

In the sequel to the Aquaman saga, the actress will have more screen time Amber Heard isn't doing well right now. 

The actress lived in Fairfax, Virginia, when a popular jury in the trial they maintained for defamation ruled in favor of Johnny Depp.

She would be affected professionally by this situation.

Warner Bros. did not guarantee the actress' presence in Aquaman 2. Her career has been put on hold. This implies her professional jobs are also at risk.

According to the latest information, the actress could leave DC Extended Universe. A similar situation happened to Johnny Depp.

Heard's future in the film will be decided in the coming days following a Warner Bros. meeting, K.C. Walsh reported.

In the end, the company decided to keep Heard on the big screen. Plus, Cinemascomics reports that she will be spending more time on set.

Despite the short participation time, she will continue to be present in the world of cinema. One reason why the actress continued to shoot would have been the positive reception the film received from the general public.