Sienna Miller has entered a new chapter in her life.

In her "Sunday Sitdown" podcast, actress McKenzie Davis talks about turning 40 and having "the best" time since then. 

Willie Geist tells Sienna Miller that at 40, she feels liberated while walking through New York City.

Miller explained that being 40 felt both "liberating" and "nihilistic"' 

 During her career, Miller has been nominated for two BAFTA Awards and one Critics Choice Television Award.

 In Netflix's "Anatomy of a Scandal," she also took her acting skills to the next level 

she plays the wife of James, a British politician who is accused of sexual assault.

 Right now, Miller is filming her new project, "Raised Eyebrows,"   

When she thinks back to her 30s, she realizes just how much has changed since then.

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