Soft drinks and chicken bakes in Costco's food court are now more expensive

Costco has reportedly raised the prices on two of its food court items. 

A location in Rochester confirmed the national price hikes on its chicken bake and 20-ounce soda to Business Insider.

New York, as well as food courts in other locations. The chicken bake now sells for $1 more than in June, at $3.99. 

The price of the soda has increased by 10 cents, up to $0.69. Based on Data from Urner Barry, Wells Fargo compiled research ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

. This year, chicken prices have risen, according to the USDA and Nielsen. Retail prices for wings and chicken breasts are up 38% and 24.3%, respectively. 

As well as soda prices, competing beverage prices are up 13% from last year. In its latest report, Costco Wholesale Corporation

reported net sales of $22.78 billion, up 20.4% from $18.92 billion last year. A 16.9% increase from $161.09 billion in 2021 was reported in net sales