'SPECIAL Show by a SPECIAL Person'

A Special Show by a Special Person: LeBron James' dance moves at Kendrick Lamar's concert go viral.

Los Angeles Lakers celebrity LeBron James lived sprinkle developing free during Kendrick Lamar's Vancouver show over the duration of the end of the week. 

"The Lobos was Switching," joked one Lakers fan account who transferred the tape of James on the prom base during the performance. 

"Vancouver!! Much obliged to you for the friendliness throughout the end of the week," James wrote in a tweet on Monday. 

James and Lamar, 35,  have fostered areas of strength throughout the long term. In 2018, the rapper made the opportunity to visit the group at the lakers practice, per James' solicitation 

With the 2022-23 NBA season beginning in October, the Lakers star is partaking in the last long time of his offseason 

"Incredible work today Young's  JamesGang  EarnedNotGiven," composed by James. In the video, each of the three shows great spilling, shooting and dunking abilities.