Sports Legends Watched in Silence as Michael Jordan Ruined Charles Barkley's Legacy

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were not only top players during their playing careers 

but they were also very close friends. Playing golf was one of their favorite pastimes when they were not on the court.  

Jordan's fans understand how competitive he can be when it comes to golf and anything else. 

In the latest episode of "Dan Patrick Show," NBA on TNT host Ernie Johnson made an appearance. 

Ernie shared that Shaq's last line of defense against Chuck was his NBA championships.  

Shaq points to his fingers whenever there is a disagreement to remind him of the titles because he has won multiple titles.

As Patrick heard this, he recalled a similar situation in which Michael Jordan silenced Barkley with a scathing response. 

Charles' situation was made worse by the fact that it took place during a golf tournament with several legends.