Station Burn at Moscow Elon Musk Lobs Casual Space 

Head of Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos of Yuri Borisov.aftetr 2024 space station this is developed by president  

vladimir putin earlier this week that the national and international.

.everybody asking the same question is a rather vague statement .International partners of any such plans informed by russia.

This news taken by one person SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted to Bon voyage Anew book by former NASA deputy 

administrator Lori Garver,are many years russia’s space leadership russian engineer spat on his shoes is started by musk his rocket.

Elon was completely offended by this act and then he decided to start own rocket  company to compete with them Garver wrote in her book as quoted by insider. 

.Former Roscosmos head and agent of chaos Dmtiri Rogozine these are blows by Musk Ukraine was following particularly invasion by Russia’s actions.

NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have been close collaborators on the ISS board for over two decades