Steve Kerr says he told the Warriors' breakout star not to emulate Steph Curry because it's 'a dangerous game'

Jordan Poole has emerged as a star for the Warriors and the third scoring threat.

In spite of this, Steve Kerr said he had to tell Poole not to emulate Stephen Curry because it's "dangerous."

Despite struggling during his first two seasons in the NBA, Poole is now a reliable option for the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals after a two-year absence thanks in part to Jordan Poole's ascension.

 Averaging 18.5 points per game in his third season in the league, Poole has maintained his average in the playoffs while boosting his shooting.

An efficient field percentage is 53%, and a 3-point percentage of 39%.

With Poole's ability to score off the dribble, defenses are forced to guard him closely on the perimeter, similar to Warriors star Stephen Curry.  

By using his handle, he gets past defenders, beats pressure, and gets off shots in the paint from unique angles. 

With Curry and Klay Thompson scoring so well, the Warriors are even stronger and more difficult to guard, giving Steve Kerr a reliable source of offense. 

However, just because Poole can score like Curry doesn't mean the Warriors think he should.  

 According to Kerr, Poole has been reminded to play in a less audacious manner throughout his career by the Warriors' two-time MVP, who is 6-foot-4.