'Stranger Things 4' Vol. 1 Review - A Heavy Return to Hawkin

Season 4 of the Duffer Brothers' 80s nostalgia trip series includes more than just Hawkins. 

Instead of focusing on the strange incidents occurring in small-town Indiana, the story takes on a much broader scope and scale. 

It will offer more than a few thrills and chills for those who are already onboard with Stranger Things 4's increasingly ridiculous premise. 

Our beloved characters start off Stranger Things 4 as they split up across the country for their freshman year of high school 

While the Byers and El adjust to their new lives in California, the rest of the gang remain in Hawkins  

their relationships tested by the events of the Battle of Starcourt and the hardships of a cliquey high school experience.  

Hawkins Middle AV Club graduates (and company) are divided by both physical and emotional means

but are forced to come together when a sudden series of mystifying murders turns the town upside down.