Stranger Things Fan Notices Major Eleven Plot Hole

Fans of Stranger Things are noticing a major plot hole in Season 4. Eleven has been a central character throughout the run of the show. 

There are some unseen parts of her backstory in Stranger Things 4, and that's what has some viewers on edge

Even before Eleven met the kids from the series, Hawkins experiments had gone awry. She actually spoke sparingly in her past.

This contradicts what Season 1 established as her defining characteristic. However, it is possible that the Hawkins kids misunderstood what she was going through. 

Here are some of the best responses to the short moment on social media.

Shawn Levy spoke with THR about the final season. I hope you're looking forward to fireworks.

"Finishing strong is the key to a successful season next year." 

As we see our path with more clarity and confidence for season five, we don't want to stay around any longer than necessary.

So, the fifth season will, no doubt, be epic," said Levy. "It will be bittersweet for us to shoot and very bittersweet for audiences to watch." 

I hope, however, that it's also deeply satisfying because as we all know, as fans of many other shows

there is nothing as unbearable as an unsatisfying conclusion

We won't give anything less than a deeply satisfying ending to our loyal fans - there's no chance in hell."