Courteney Cox and Faith Hill train in the horror movie '1883' and are too scared to watch 'Scream

RFaith Hill and Courteney Cox are both from the south, and when they sit down for an interview, they quickly 

start talking to the various "Actors on Actors" series presented on Apple

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 He talks about Nashville and whether Hill forgets the lyrics of his songs on stage.

 Hill said.) She checked her recent work on television,

asked Hill about her lead role in Taylor Sheridan's "1883," opposite her husband. , Tim McGraw - and Hill answered questions 

 Cox 's "Shining Vale" is a really scary comedy. See here I discuss friends meetings, rides in the amusement park and armpits.

COURTENEY COX: Do you have to train to be able to ride a horse like that? Because you're really good there.

FAITH HILL: Oh, thank you. I ride horses. Like Tim. After our second child Maggie, I rode my bandit horse and I'm not a bad rider.