'Terribly clever' chess board leaves people squinting

Here's a mind-bending optical illusion where two sets of chess pieces have the same colour. 

Barton Anderson and Jonathan Winawer created the image and published it in Nature in 2005. 

Chivers shared the image: "The top and bottom chess sets are the same color."  

The hard truth is that this unbelievable illusion actually displays two sets of pieces with the exact same colour.

Every piece has the same pattern of shades as its counterpart, as Chivers explained to a baffled user.  

Chivers said, "If you screenshot a tiny spot from any one of them and its partner, they'll be the same color."

Perceptual illusions mean that our brains trick us into believing the image is real. 

Taking into account both the background colors and the chess pieces' colors, our mind can only perceive the picture as a whole.