The Duke's Kara Lawson's message is going viral

On Tuesday morning, Duke women's basketball coach Kara Lawson informed her team that things aren't going to get easier in the future.

As she enters her second full season as the head coach in Durham, Lawson gave her Blue Devils a little early week motivation

Our lives are filled with waiting for things to get It will never get easier. 

What happens is you handle hard better. That's what happens. It's believed to be getting easier by most people. get easier. Basketball is going to get easier. 

The majority of people think it's going to get easier over time.ier. What happens is you become someone who handles hard stuff better. … 

It's believed to be getting easier by most people.going to all of a sudden get easier because you graduated and you got a Duke degree,

it's not goibelieve that things will get easier in the future.harder. So make yourself a person that handles hard well..