Season 3 of the Netflix Umbrella Academy hit brings another apocalypse, when Umbrellas creates a paradox for his grandfather 

who gets upset at the Obsidian Hotel after getting angry at a new group of heroes called The Sparrow Academy.

The new episodes incorporate a number of amusing plots, from the romance of Romeo and Juliet to the forced union of father and son.

At the end of 10 episodes, the world is destroyed. The parade goes further than ever in terms of the value of the shock, 

killing most of the Sparrows and two Umbrellas before we reach the great final cliff. 

As the family prepared to fight the shepherd, we received some emotional blows. 

Five tried to convince Viktor that their father had killed Klaus and Luther, and he suspected Allison was in it. 

He's negotiating with Hargreeves to get everyone to the portal, but he doesn't know he's going to kill Luther to make it happen.