The Expendables 4 Should Revive Stallone's Best Original Movie Change

Bringing back Shinedown's "Diamond Eyes" for "The Expendables 4" would be great for Sylvester Stallone's last film in the franchise.

Shinedown should perform "Diamond Eyes" as a final tribute to Sylvester Stallone's role in The Expendables franchise in The Expendables 4.  

After recovering from The Expendables 3's low-point, The Expendables 4 is back in theaters and with an R-rating.

As part of Stallone's final film, a return of "Diamond Eyes" on The Expendables 4's soundtrack would tap into the series' well-known nostalgia angle.

At the moment, J.Lo is awaiting the release of her new Netflix documentary Halftime, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month.  

Although the Shinedown song was surprisingly absent from The Expendables when it hit theaters, that changed with Stallone's director's cut. 

The director's cut of The Expendables added "Diamond Eyes" back into the team's final battle against a small army and was also played during the end credits.

"Diamond Eyes" elucidates The Expendables' unbreakable bond as mercenaries loyal to one another on the battlefield in Stallone's director's cut.

The Expendables 4 also has a silver bullet to make Sylvester Stallone’s farewell to the franchise as unforgettable as possible with Diamond Eyes by Shinedown.  

Expendables 4 should use the hard rock power ballad when it could hit harder than ever before, as it is directly tied to the franchise.

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