The first thing you see in this optical illusion could reveal your dream job

The first image you see in this mind-boggling brain teaser represents your dream job.

The optical illusion should reveal a snail, map, and skull. 

According to reports, those who notice the snail first will flourish in jobs that require them to use their voice.

According to experts at Your Tango, you could become a teacher, bus driver, or social worker.

As such, the roles involve a lot of interaction with people - whether students, customers, or residents.

Meanwhile, viewers who noticed the skull right away are thought to be more creative.

Artists, painters, or dancers may be your dreams.

Analytical and problem-solving abilities are traits of those who are able to see the map.

You may choose to become an architect, lawyer, scientist, or engineer.

Oleg Shupliak's painting features a man, a mermaid, a bird, and a seashell.

In the optical illusion, you should be able to spot a snail, map and skull. Journal of Mind

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