The greatest NFL quarterbacks by decade: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers battle for the top spot

It is no secret that the quarterback position has changed the most over the years. 

A century ago, quarterbacks made their living by running and kicking, basically doing anything other than throwing the ball.  

The average quarterback today passes 4,000 yards, a feat that was unfathomable in the league's first 50 years.

There have been great quarterbacks in previous eras, but that doesn't mean that we're living in the most prolific passing era.  

A number of today's advancements in the passing game were inspired by quarterbacks who revolutionized it.  

As well as advancing the position, those quarterbacks served as inspiration for some of today's elite passers. Just ask Tom Brady.

The moment Joe Montana made arguably the greatest play in NFL history, which launched the 49ers' dynasty (more on that later). 

In celebration of the upcoming 2022 season, we decided to take a look at the best quarterbacks from each decade. 

We begin with the current decade, which has already produced some great quarterback performances.

There are still two old-guard quarterbacks at the top of the NFL's food chain, but the ranking may change several times in the near future.