The most dangerous Antarctic glacier was attacked from below and lost its grip, threatening to raise sea levels by 10 feet

If even a small part of Antarctica's ice were completely submerged in the sea, the impact on the shores of the world would be severe.

When flying over Antarctica, it is difficult to see what all the problems are. Like a large wedding cake, the icing on top of the largest ice sheet in the world 

 The surface is covered by small bends and bends of snowy mountains.

 But as you approach the edge of the ice sheet, you feel a staggering core force

. Above are cracks, sometimes organized like a cylinder, and sometimes a tangle of spikes and ridges, beneath

 which is seen a pale blue ice crystal heart. 

E It's not just cracks, but canyons big enough to swallow a jet or a monument-sized spear.

HStones and tears, tears gushing from the white carpets, showed a force that could throw city ice blocks like several wrecked cars in a compartment