The No. 1 Claire moment of Outlander Season 6

Claire had some outstanding moments in Outlander Season 6. However, there is one episode that stands out above the rest.

Throughout Outlander Season 6, Claire took us on an incredible journey.  

The things that happened when she was taken by Lionel Brown caused her to struggle with trauma. 

However, Lionel wasn't the only one responsible. Everything that had happened over the years came flooding back, causing her to turn to ether for comfort.

She eventually turned to Jamie. People will expect that moment or the moment when Claire confronts Jamie about the potential affair to be one of my favorite Claire moments. It's not.  

You can see my top 10 Claire moments from Season 6 of Outlander if you wish. 

One particular moment in the aftermath of Malva's death stands out.

Outlander Season 6's best moment for Claire

This week's top moment comes from Outlander Season 6, Episode 7. Claire is in the aftermath of Malva's murder, after trying to save the unborn child. We go to the funeral.

As the casket of Malva was carried out, the casket of the baby was left behind.  

This poor babe couldn't stand being left behind, so Claire hurried over to carry it out. Allan grabbed the casket in the end, but Claire had one thing on her mind.

The father of this baby didn't matter. Though she knew it wasn't Jamie, she didn't care what other people thought in this moment.  

We see this side of Claire every now and then. Even her own negative feelings are put to the side. As she did in this moment, she did what she believed to be right.