After a long silence, Christian Nodal accused the parents of his ex-wife,who accused him of 

Gathering their daughter's fruits "until she left him to do nothing" on social media. 

Nodal published a tweet in which Belinda asks if she will take money from her parents to fix her teeth.

Belinda and Christian Nodal shared a passionate love story, but it was short-lived.

They broke up.File photo.Can I have my teeth fixed this week, except for my parents, 

Because you're not getting any money this week, right?them?them? “ 

The singer and actress wrote via WhatsApp "Nodal publicly wrote "For two decades,she has abused 

Her daughter and left her with nothing.Just leave me alone.It doesn't bother me,

I don't ask for their credit in songs or in life.Beauty deserves credit, and it is my responsibility,

to give credit. I got tired of giving, so it ended.Users have shared screen shots of Belinda Schultz's mother reading.