The viral glazed donut nails of Hailey Bieber are tried on Vanessa Hudgen

“Glammed donut” nails will be the it-girl manicure.  At the 2022 Met Gala, Hailey Bieber debuted her shimmering sheer mani, and fans began trying to recreate it.

With the same talented nail artist, Vanessa Hudgens shows off her own take on the look. Originally designed by LA-based nail artist Zolzaya Ganzorigt,

Shortly after the event, she shared the exact products she used. Since then, beauty gurus have tried to replicate the nails, with more than 7.4 billion views on TikTok

With Bieber's style of baby pink, Hudgens opted for opaque white - OPI Funny Bunny and OPI Chrome effects in Tin Man Can - that truly goes with anything 

One day before posting photos of the completed white look, Hudgens, 33, commented on Ganzorigt's Instagram that she was "obsessed" with the neon version of Bieber's glazed nails.

Zola shared behind-the-scenes photos under the caption "When your nails match your pearls."

Zola, who goes by Zola, said that Hailey and Vanessa's nails were the same but different, since Hailey's was translucent and I applied just one coat, while Vanessa's was pearlescent, so it gave them a pearlyk.”