The Walking Dead spin-off may bring back "lost" characters 

After Melissa McBride dropped out of The Walking Dead's Daryl-Carol spinoff, Norman Reedus returns as a lone zombie survivor in the sequel series.  

Reedus accompanied Daryl Dixon to Europe. David Zabel, an ER alum and showrunner, will direct the untitled Walking Dead spinoff, which will shoot overseas this summer.  

Reedus could reunite with "lost" Walking Dead characters. Reedus revealed Daryl's reasons for going to Europe after  

The Walking Dead ends this fall in an interview with Iron & Air for his debut novel, The Ravaged  

I was supposed to do a spinoff with Melissa, but Melissa wanted to take a break.  

"Yeah. We're going on a mission!" I'll be going to Europe for a mission."

"Some of our characters are lost, so maybe I will run into them," said Reedus. 

Whether Reedus and McBride reunite after The Walking Dead airs its final eight episodes remains to be seen, however Daryl's mission might reveal In addition to Rick Grimes  

Heath (Corey Hawkins) remains missing since he vanished outside of Oceanside in Season 7.