There are six things we loved about Stranger Things Volume 4 Part 2 (and five we didn't)

We're looking forward to season five....  Hopefully, season five will be releasede Netflix series' most recent installment sink in.

We did it my dudes. In the near future, we will see season five...son four, which took almost as long to arrive as it did to watch

We have already had a lively roundtable discussing season four's second episode,

. However, we also wanted to share our favorite (and least-favorite) parts. Could you please tell me if you agree? 

Share your own highlights and lowlights with us in the In addition, you might also want to check out our similar slideshow for the first volume of season four.

If you havent watched yet  be warned: spoilers incoming.

"Eddie the Banished" spent most of volume one hiding, but in volume two he kicked a serious ass.

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