There's a catch with Yellowstone spin-off 1883

Yellowstone prequel series 1883 is returning for another season 

but don't get too excited about seeing your favorite stars from season one.  

There's still time for 1883, so brace yourself.

In a limited series on Paramount+, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story will expand on the story of the hit Yellowstone spin-off. 

While the show carries the 1883 moniker, it will tell an entirely different story from season one 

so don't expect Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, or Sam Elliott to appear in the new series.

"A legendary lawman of the Wild West," according to the streamer, Reeves will star in the new series. 

A legendary frontier hero in American history, Reeves is considered the inspiration for The Lone Ranger. 

In the post-Reconstruction era, Reeves served as a federal peace officer in Indian Territory, where he captured more than 3,000 criminals without ever being injured."