Tom Cruise's 10 best movies, ranked by popularity

De Palma brought Mission: Impossible to the big screen in the mid-'90s (with Cruise producing and starring). At that time, an explosion in a fish tank or helicopter chase through a train tunnel were the highest spectacles.  

That's the knotty question at the heart of Steven Spielberg's gritty, noirish thriller Minority Report , which stars Tom Cruise.  

Top Gun 2 was released in the same year as the original, and it is arguably as good as Top Gun in showcasing Tom Cruise's prodigious talent, captivating charisma, and cocksure confidence. 

Cruise's Vincent (we never learn his surname) is one of Cruise's greatest villains - a tunnel-visioned assassin who drags Jamie Foxx's 

Maverick was on a mission. I am in awe that no one could have predicted how high, fast, and full-throttle it would fly. 

Many spots on a list of Tom Cruise's greatest movies can be filled by Mission: Impossible films. 

A Few Good Men stands out among all Tom Cruise legal thrillers of the 1990s.  

Paul Thomas Anderson created the role of Frank TJ Mackie for Cruise after visiting him on Stanley Kubrick's demanding Eyes Wide Shut set, and deciding that Cruise needed to let loose.