Tom Hanks Weighs In On Decision To Replace Tim Allen With Chris Evans On 'Lightyear' DisneyPixar Reboot

Tom Hanks says he "didn't have the foggiest idea" the choice to project Chris Evans in the job of Buzz Lightyear in the new film

supplanting his long-term co-star Tim Allen. Hanks, the first voice of Woody in the Toy Story establishment, 

was asked on his Elvis exposure round how he felt to be facing a Buzz Lightyear film in films.

What about that? I really needed to clash with Tim Allen, and afterward they didn't allow Tim Allen to make it happen. I don't grasp that."

Allen voiced Buzz in the establishments' four movies from 1995 to 2019, and as of late scrutinized the reason of the film,

 in addition to his ownprohibition. Allen expressed that despite the fact that the new film has "a brilliant story, i"

"I wish there was a superior association," he told Extra. Allen likewise noted there was "no Buzz without (Hanks') Woody."