'Top Gun: Maverick' studio paid U.S Navy more than $11,000 an hour for contender fly rides — however Tom Cruise wasn't permitted to contact the control

The "Mission Impossible" star, renowned for playing out his own tricks, 

, demanded that every one of the entertainers depicting pilots on the long-deferred "Top Gun: 

Maverick" film fly in one of the warrior jets worked by Boeing Co.  

so they could comprehend what it seems like to be a pilot working under the type of huge gravitational powers.  

Voyage, 59, had likewise flown in a stream for the first "Top Gun," a raving success in 1986.

Journey wound up flying in excess of twelve fights for the new film, however a Pentagon guideline bars non-military  

staff from controlling a Defense Department resource other than little arms in preparing situations, as per Glen Roberts,  

the head of the Pentagon's diversion media office. All things considered, the entertainers rode behind F/A-18