Troy Aikman's morning has been busy so far.

He announced the Week 2 Monday Night Football doubleheader with his longtime partner, Joe Buck.

Back in the offseason, Aikman and Buck left FOX for ESPN, a pretty stunning move in sports media.

  Week 2 of the 2022 regular season will feature Titans vs. Bills and Eagles vs. Vikings. Buck and Aikman can't wait.

 "Joe and Troy being on ESPN/ABC is going to be strange. We're used to seeing them on FOX," the user tweeted.

It's going to take a while for fans to get used to this. 

"I've never seen an NFL season without these two commentating on FOX. I still find it bizarre," another fan commented on social media.

Disney now works with Aikman across multiple platforms. 

 Earlier on Monday morning, he appeared with other special guests on ABC's Good Morning America.

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