Trump never conjured leader honor over Bannon's Jan. 6 declaration, his lawyer tells examiners

The Justice Department uncovered in an early Monday morning court recording that government examiners talked with previous President 

 Donald Trump's lawyer Justin Clark fourteen days prior regarding previous Trump counsel Steve Bannon's criminal scorn case.

Examiners say that Clark affirmed in the meeting that never bested at any point conjure leader honor over Bannon's declaration 

and straightforwardly went against different cases made by Bannon's protection group for their situation.

Bannon was accused last year of two counts of criminal scorn of Congress in the wake of challenging a Jan. 6 

summon, however he contended Trump's honor guarantee safeguarded him. He argued not blameworthy and is set to go to preliminary one

Examiners say in Monday's documenting that they trust Bannon's new endeavors related to Trump to propose to at long last affirm before the House board exploring the Jan.