Disney+ Movie Making: Turning Red Star Opens Up About 'Confusion And Disgust'

In 2022, Turning Red will be the coming-of-age film. 

Millennials and Gen Z will surely connect with a movie about adolescence.

Millennials and Gen Z are bound to connect with a movie that deals with adolescence in some way.ore.

Awooga became a viral sensation when it was uttered out of character.

Rosalie Chiang has been answering questions about the viral line.

Making a Disney+ movie left Turning Red actress confused and disgusted.

She told Insider why the viral line surprised her.

Originally, she laughed off the line as a throwaway. 

She was self-aware of how the line would be received when she saw the final film.

The Turning Red actress spoke about what it was like to hear and see the throwaway line on the big screen for the first time

Thanks to Chiang, the scene will be everywhere on the internet.

As many Gen Zers, she has a huge following on TikTok. 

Someone soon posted the moment online.

Multihyphenate responds to viral post.She was surprised by what happened next.

Reposting and breaking down their clip by the star must've made their day.

Aside from being a writer and actress, Chiang is also a TikTok star. 

Like many young influencers, she decided to give her followers an inside look at the hit animated film.

In her now viral post, she explained how the line wasn't originally in the movie.

You can check out her entire breakdown in her TikTok post below.

It’s nothing like spilling a nice secret after a hit movie comes out.

Usually, it takes years for those to come out, but Chiang wasn’t waiting that long. 

Seeing the original line made viewers realize director Domee Shi and Disney made the right decision.

As Mei was thrown off by the moment, it perfectly captured her puberty journey.

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