Tyler Perry explains why he tries to keep his personal connections private, particularly when it comes to his son Aman, who is 7 years old. 

A Jazzman Blues, an upcoming Netflix film, and Perry's successful acting career in Hollywood were among the many topics the 52-year-old actor, producer,  

and director covered in-depth with AARP The Magazine. However, when it came to disclosing information about his personal relationships, Perry kept his cards close to his chest.

He continues, "Because these folks are not famous. "My son is not well-known. I desire for him to lead as normal a life as possible.  

I want him to understand what it's like to have his own name and his own existence without feeling the need to live up to or be like his father. 

Aman is shared by Perry and Gelila Bekele, his ex-girlfriend. In December 2020, the couple called it quits on their long-term union. 

The Madea actor did, however, admit that although his son is still a young boy with the best of intentions, he is aware that reality will eventually set in, 

especially when it comes to handling touchy issues like race. Because Aman is just 7, Perry explains, "I haven't had the conversation with him yet because I want to wait as long as I can.

I don't want to inform him that people will judge him based on the colour of his skin because he is currently attending a school where every race is represented, 

and these children are all at their most innocent. He never refers to his friends' races while describing them.