Tyler Perry Once Paid The Late Cicely Tyson $1M For One Day Of Work To Give Her 'Some Security In Her Latter Years'

Tyler Perry is a man of numerous gifts! However, he played it little from the beginning.

I had the option to make a few mind boggling bargains by permitting individuals to underrate me.  

I generally played it little, paid attention to what they needed to say and made the arrangement. 

I'd say, "Indeed, I must claim it." They'd say, "Gracious, OK — whatever." 

They didn't believe that my most memorable film [2005's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which appeared at number 1] planned to add up to a lot.  

Those wildly energetic applauses — gave me the certainty to comprehend that it's a gift to be covered up," Tyler Perry told AARP The Magazine.

Tyler Perry Paid Cicely Tyson $1M For One Day Of Work

The film, "Journal of a Mad Black Woman" was a film industry hit, procuring more than $50 million,