Unlike Jimmy Butler, Ja Morant whines about dirty play

Pritchard's foul on Butler was similar to what Jordan Poole did to Morant.  

Butler remained silent while Morant tweeted his displeasure.

Ja Morant and Jimmy Butler are two stars in the NBA right now, but they have different reputations. 

The Memphis Grizzlies are led by an exciting young player in Morant, who is a veteran competitor.  

The way they perceive dirty plays is vastly different, aside from their ages and positions.

Memphis Grizzlies lost 4-2, but fans can imagine what could have been if Ja Morant stayed healthy. 

Grizzlies star suffered a bone bruise to his right knee in Game 3. 

Morant accused Jordan Poole of intentionally hurting him when he got injured.