Making it to the NBA is an honour that only a few people in history have achieved. Making it to the league is notoriously difficult,  

and factors other than talent play a role. To make it to the league, a player must work hard, have natural athletic ability,  

and have some luck with injuries. Beyond that, becoming a superstar star in the league is something that even fewer people can achieve.

As the GOAT, Michael Jordan represents the pinnacle of NBA achievement. His achievements are arguably greater than those of anyone else. 

Even the notoriously competitive MJ has admitted that his brother Larry may have been a better player than Mike.  

At 5'8", Larry making it to the NBA would have been quite a story, but his height prevented him from making it.

His abilities, on the other hand, were undeniable. A video of Larry playing against MJ and displaying some skills that left fans in no doubt about his prowess recently went viral.

It's difficult to speak in ifs and buts, but Larry Jordan possessed the skills required to be an elite baller. While Michael will be remembered for everything he accomplished, 

he will most likely always look up to his brother and the competition he had with him growing up. It undoubtedly contributed to Michael Jackson's success.