Warner Bros. Calls It Quits With Ezra Miller's The Flash

Warner Bros. has the best part of the decade. she struggled to bring The Flash to the big screen, eventually giving Scarlet Speedster DC her first solo film.

 after countless delays and staff changes, the film now seems to have more problems than ever before with thMiller, which has 

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been in the middle of one bad controversy after another over the past few months, all since the end of Flash. October 2021. 

Most recently, the film's main star mysteriously erased her instagram page after sharing a few memes in response 

 to the allegations, and the situation is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

At present, the release of Flash is postponed until June 23, 2023, and it remains a year before the long-awaited solo film finally shows itself to the DCEU believers. 

Unfortunately, once the blockbuster comes out of the audience, it may be the end of the actor who plays the lead role of Barry Allen.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. decided to stop it using Ezra Miller's Flash at DCEU after the release of The Flash next year.