What happens to overnight Mega Millions winners?

Experts suggest winning the lotto may not be so glamorous.

Mega Millions has a billion-dollar prize. With Americans across the country scrambling to buy tickets, someone's ticket number will be called Friday night.

While buying a home, going on a dream vacation, or going on a shopping spree may seem like the most obvious first move, there are actually a few steps to claim and acquire their reward.

Keep your mouth quiet, say experts. Keeping your great win quiet is crucial, say experts.

Walt Blenner, a lottery winner attorney, said the more people you notify, the more likely the news will spread.

Blenner said safety is paramount for significant winnings like a Mega Millions jackpot. He encourages winners leave town to avoid detection.

My last big winner rented a small property under an assumed name a few dozen miles away, Blenner told ABC News. Lotto winner should avoid familiar spots.

Many of Kurt Panouses' big-winning customers are glad they kept their victories hidden to avoid safety fears or awkward questions